Sports Nutrition


“I am feeling so much better since our appointment, my stomach is feeling great. I feel much more like myself again in my training sessions and no longer feel as fatigued and Unknown-5heavy in my tough training sessions which is a huge relief.” Luke Penney, GB Triathlete

With so much nutrition information available it can be confusing to know who to trust and what advice is credible.

I have spent the last 15 years working with everyone from 120kg professional rugby players to 45kg gymnasts, amateur level to professional/elite.

  • what to need eat & drink to train and compete
  • recovery

    Advisor to GB Acro Gymnastics – Gold at World Championships
  • losing body fat
  • building muscle
  • which supplements are worthwhile
  • correct timing (periodisation) of nutrition
  • disordered eating
  • digestive/gut problems

imagesI have personal experience of sport at national and international level, having represented Ireland in sailing from a young age. My husband played professional rugby for 15 years and is now a premiership rugby coach. This gives me a unique understanding and insight in to the pressures and practicalities of managing a sports diet. With a BSc Physiology, an MSc in Nutrition & Dietetics, and as an Accredited Sports Dietitian with 15 years of practical ‘real life’ experience, you can trust me to help you produce results.

Uniquely, I spend time taking a detailed look at your overall health and sport performance, yourimages-1 current nutritional intake, perform a detailed nutritional analysis and can take accurate anthropometric measurements e.g. % body fat/muscle. Using this information I provide you with a detailed plan which will enable you to achieve your goals and be better than the rest.



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