Pregnancy Nutrition

Do you have concerns that your diet is not providing the optimum nutrition for yourself and your baby?

Are you confused about what you can or cannot eat? Do you suffer from morning sickness?

With three children of my own, I have some experience of the highs and lows of pregnancy. As an NHS dietitian, I have taken care of ladies with hyperemesis (severe morning sickness), and advised many more on the best possible nutrition for them and their babies. 

Steps to a healthy pregnancy include eating a balanced diet; gaining a good amount of weight; enjoying regular physical activity and taking a vitamin and mineral supplement if recommended. Safe food practices are important, too, since pregnant women are at higher risk of food borne illnesses.

Sub optimal intakes of vitamins and minerals are now believed to adversely affect the health of mothers and their babies. Certain nutrients have important beneficial effects e.g. omega-3 fatty acids positively affect brain development.


Contact me for a free 15 minute chat to see if you could benefit from a more in depth appointment for a detailed assessment of your current diet and advice on optimising your nutrient intake.


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