Online Dietary Analysis

Curious to know how much calories, carbs, protein or fat you are having? Want to know how many calories you need? Concerned you are lacking some vitamins?

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For an accurate and fascinating insight in to your diet using state of the art nutritional analysis, simply email your diet diary and personal details. Your unique nutritional requirements are calculated and compared to recommended daily amounts.


Report lists 60+ individual nutrients, including carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamins & minerals.


Easy-to-understand, colour coded bar graphs show clearly your intake, recommended range and upper limits.

  1. Simply use the contact form below to send me your contact details
  2. I will email you a personal details form and instructions for recording your food diary
  3. Email the personal details form and diary to me
  4. Make the online payment
  5. I will analyse your information using a state of the art nutrition analysis programme and comment on your nutritional intake
  6. You will receive the full nutrition report via email

Full dietary analysis of 3 day food diary: £40

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Disclaimer: this nutrition report will not provide or replace medical advice. If you have any concerns regarding your health or symptoms, please contact your doctor.


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