Children & Family

Ensuring good family nutrition can help everyone to be healthy, happy and to be at their best. Good nutrition sets the foundations for all that we do and allows us to reach our full potential as parents, and for our children too.


Research increasingly supports the important link between nutrition and learning. Healthy eating is essential for children to achieve their full academic potential, mental growth, and lifelong health and well-being.

  • are you concerned your child has an allergy or intolerance?
  • what does a ‘healthy’ meal look like?
  • why are vitamin D and essential fatty acids so important?
  • how do you get your child to eat more fruit and veg?
  • is ketchup ok? Are breakfast cereals bad?

Individually, each family member is unique and may have different nutrition needs, so each is considered as an individual in the nutrition plan.

We will work together to develop a customised family approach to healthy eating that suits your lifestyle. The programme below can be tailored to suit your family’s individual needs.

Pre appointment Assessment

A food and health questionnaire will be provided to detail current food and lifestyle habits. You gather general information about your family and any concerns you have surrounding food and nutrition. This will allow me to identify areas that I consider important to work on.

Initial Nutrition Session

Your first session can take place in the clinic (Ham, Richmond)  or in your home and lasts approximately 60 minutes.

During this visit, we will review the information gathered from the pre appointment assessment, focusing on the needs of your whole family, as well as individual members. We will identify areas for improvement and set goals.  Together, we will formulate a unique and flexible nutrition plan to address your family’s needs and lifestyle.

Follow-up Session(s)

Subsequent 30 minute sessions review how your family is progressing. We will focus on key nutrition concepts to enable you and your family to develop the skills and understanding needed for long-term success. We can look at fussy eating, menu planning, cooking ideas, store cupboard essentials, supermarket visit, packed lunches etc. or any areas that you may find challenging! Ongoing support can be provided as and when required.


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