Facial acne can be stigmatising and deeply upsetting. Research has shown that the adverse social, psychological and emotional effects of acne can be comparable to those of more serious chronic conditions such as; epilepsy, diabetes arthritis or psoriasis. Acne has substantial effects on quality of life, making treatment essential.

Since the 1960s the relationship between diet and acne has been dismissed by most doctors. However, there is growing research that suggests that there is a relationship, but further studies are needed before solid guidelines can be established.

The best dietary approach is to address each acne patient individually to identify possible dietary factors influencing or aggravating the acne. These factors include:

  • high glycaemic index foods
  • dairy
  • essential fatty acids
  • gluten

If you would like to explore the role that diet may have in your acne, then contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation.


Amy, 40. ACNE

My GP had put me on antibiotics for the spots, but I wasn’t very happy taking these as generally I’m strongly against putting unnecessary chemicals or drugs in my body. Sarah explained how food and drinks affect spots and it all made sense. For me, basically I need to told have ‘low GI’ food, and no dairy, and more good fats. She told me lots easy food swaps, like wholemeal bread for white, Oatibix for Special K, and almond milk for normal milk. I take fish oil supplements too  as I hate fish. I also stopped sugar in my tea. The improvement was slow, over about 2 months but I’m so pleased and the fee was well worth it. It’s probably saved me a fortune in skin care products and gym membership.


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