UnknownWhen did food become so confusing? We all know that there is no quick fix when it comes to health.

My job is to advise you on the best diet for your health issue. No faddy diets or calorie counting.

Dietitians are the ‘gold standard’ of nutrition professionals, and with 14 years of experience, you can trust my advice.
Specialist areas include digestive issues, women’s health, disordered eating, weight loss and sports nutrition. I am experienced in the innovative and scientifically proven ‘low FODMAP diet’ for digestive problems.
Consultations are at Kingston Health Centre, online or by telephone. 
Following the completion of a pre appointment questionnaire and food diary, at your consultation I will take the time to listen to you so that I can understand your needs, your life and your issues. I will answer all your questions (no matter how silly you think they may be) and using up to date science as well as my experience, we come up with a way forward that you are happy and comfortable with.
Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 12.46.54
Speciality areas:
IBS & Digestion Problems
Sports Performance
Disordered Eating
Allergies & Intolerances


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